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Nine advantages of water-in-water colorful paint

Release time :2018-08-16 Click :807

Water-in-water coating advantages:

A:Energy saving:Water-in-water colorful paint, pure water-based formula, raw material technology is excellent. Granite stone, depending on nature, has great development resources and has certain damage to the ecology. The water-in-water colorful paint solves this problem, and the color of the decorative curtain wall can be artificially controlled. It is a high-tech product that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and worthy of praise.
B:Safety and environmental protection:The self-weight of the coating only accounts for one-fifth or even less of the granite stone. It does not need to worry about the life insurance of the original granite stone decoration. It fundamentally frees the worry that the heavy load of the stone hanging seriously threatens life and property. Non-toxic and tasteless, water-based and environmentally friendly.
C:Extremely high simulation:Water-in-water colorful paint, according to the stone granite samples provided, the simulation degree can be difficult to distinguish between true and false. Decoration on the wall, outside a certain range, can not tell the true and false. It is convenient to create a personalized and distinctive exterior wall shape.
D:Anti-seepage:The water-in-water colorful paint has good flexibility, elastic and crack resistance, and the surface is smooth and impervious, completely avoiding the serious leakage between the gaps of the veneer materials such as stone and ceramic tiles. Compared with the previous simulations of rock stone real stone paint, poor stain resistance and easy cracking, the water-in-water colorful paint makes these problems systematically solved, and the anti-seepage property has a self-cleaning function.
E:High-grade beauty:Water-in-water colorful paint, which can be used for color matching and color matching, and then achieves the ideal design result of the designer. While retaining the realistic texture of natural stone, it can also create more exquisite effects at will, overcoming the rigidity of traditional stone patterns. , occasionality, limitations.
F:Convenient:The water-in-water colorful paint can be sprayed on the trapezoidal surface, the cylindrical curved surface, the fan-shaped surface, various irregular shapes and special shapes, such as the waterless shape. It is easy to solve the construction problems that traditional plates cannot be arbitrarily veneered.
G:Fashion trend:The water-in-water colorful paint is easy to update and renovate, and keeps the youthful fashion trend. It has completely changed the trouble that the traditional stone dry hanging frame can not be disassembled and changed.
H:Good water resistance:Good weather resistance, anti-aging, rain-proof, acid-proof, mildew-proof and algae-proof, long service life; water-in-water colorful paint has excellent performance and convenient maintenance. It can clean the wall with high-pressure water gun and keep it as clean as new.
I:Other advantages:Water-in-water colorful paint is a kind of imitation granite paint with stable performance and is a key substitute for granite stone.