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Horizon water-in-water coating comparison

Release time :2018-08-16 Click :981

1.Comparison between water-in-water and ordinary exterior paint:
In essence, the dry film component of water-in-water is resin + pigment, the dry film component of common coating is resin + pigment + filler, the water-in-water resin emulsion content is 3-5 times that of ordinary coating; the resin emulsion is high. The coating has better protection. The high-quality resin emulsion has better weather resistance, acid rain resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and UV resistance.
2.Water-in-water contrast with marble:
The quality of the water-in-water is very light, there is no safety hazard, the construction is fast, and each person can operate about 120 square meters per day. The color difference is rich, and you can freely choose the color. Low pollution, water-in-water smooth and waterproof, dust does not penetrate and deposit, and the scope of use is wide. Because it is a paint-based product, the limitations of use are small. The cost is slightly higher than the real stone paint, far lower than the dry hanging stone.
3.Comparison of water-in-water and texture coatings:
High simulation degree: the appearance is closer to natural granite stone than real stone paint. It can be fake and real in the visual interface, stain-resistant, smooth surface, not easy to accumulate ash, can maintain appearance effect for a long time, weather resistance, fluorosilicone resin and high weathering pigment In addition, UV blocking technology can keep the color bright and long. The coating has better water resistance than real stone paint, and the wall does not absorb water in rainy days to protect the building.